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Taxation – it is always changing!

We can prepare for you all Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax (“GST”), Fringe Benefit Tax (“FBT”) and payroll returns (“PAYE”) and will let you know what is to be paid and by when.  We will also check all Inland Revenue correspondence in respect of filed returns as well as liaising with Inland Revenue should they ever query a filed return.

Our tax compliance services mean you can concentrate on your business and increasing your wealth rather than spending time filling out Inland Revenue forms or trying to correspond directly with Inland Revenue yourself.

As well as taking care of annual tax compliance, our team of experts is here to help you plan how to minimise your tax all within the “rules”!  NZ’s tax system is very complex and the rules change, but the tax laws do allow us to structure your affairs in a way that minimises the amount of tax you pay. It is important to have a strategy to pay the least amount of tax possible. We want to ensure your cash flow is used on things that you really want to do – like meeting your personal and financial goals – instead of paying tax.

Don’t leave your tax minimisation plan to just before the end of the financial year (31 March).  Tax planning is an on-going process and this will ensure you can minimise your tax in the most effective way without being hindered by cash-flow.

Through planning we ensure minimising your tax also works in closely with Protecting Your Assets and your Estate Planning.

So, whether it is Income Tax, GST, FBT or Payroll Tax, Skipper Lay & Associates can help you minimise your tax (legally).  Contact us to personalise a plan for you.


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