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Protect your assets and manage risks

You have worked hard, made sacrifices and accumulated some good assets and investments.  It makes sense to protect your assets. 

All business owners have taken a risk at some point; if you didn’t you would quite simply be employed in someone else’s business.  But risk taking should not mean you place your hard earned assets at unnecessary exposure to creditors.  Skipper Lay & Associates have a wealth of experience in advising you on how best to structure the ownership of assets, ensuring they are owned in the correct name or entity.

Trusts, for example, are a common vehicle for asset ownership and provide asset protection.  Skipper Lay & Associates can provide you with assistance and advice regarding the formation of Trusts as well as providing you with a full Trust Administration service; which is all the more important following the recent review of Trust law in NZ.

You may have a rental property as an investment, in which case ownership via a company or a partnership may suit or possibly ownership through a look through company (“LTCs”).  Your personal circumstances, goals and objectives will be key to determining which ownership structure is best for you.

Skipper Lay & Associates will help you gain an understanding of the benefits of each entity and can guide you around any potential pitfalls.  We can also look at the other risks to your assets or business and whether you should consider insurance cover.  So pick up the phone and let’s meet up to discuss what will give the best answer for you.

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