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Buying or selling a business – get the price you want

If you are in business, the sale of your business is something that you should be planning well in advance of the business going to market; at least 2 years ahead.  To get the best price you will want to make sure your business is ship shape, with the best people working in your business, clear processes, procedures, administration systems and appropriate technology.  We can help you with this strategic planning process and can help you identify the key value drivers that may need to be changed to improve your business’ value.  In addition to this our experience and analysis can establish a realistic sale price (a valuation) supported by accurate underlying data.

If you are looking to buy a business, let us look through the numbers so that we can interpret them for you, compare them to comparatives and industry bench marking data and advise on the purchase price.  We can assess the business risks and arm you with the questions that need to be answered so that there are no surprises hidden in the sale documentation or even worse, discovered after you have bought the business.

Give Skipper Lay & Associates a call so that we can help with this sometimes difficult process.

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