Skipperlay & Associates


Accounts and accounting information – it’s what we do!

From the preparation of annual financial statements to providing you with key management information that will help you grow your business. 

Skipper Lay & Associates go beyond standard accountancy compliance.  As members of New Zealand’s Institute of Chartered Accountants (“NZICA”) we will of course prepare your annual financial statements to the highest of standards but we will also take the time to fully explain those financial statements to you as well as helping you use those financial statements as a key tool in the management and growth of your business.

It does not matter if you are self employed, a small or medium sized business your success and growth will be hampered if you do not have quality and timely financial information to hand.  We can:

  • Prepare timely monthly management financial reports so that we can discuss with you how your business is performing;
  • Report to you on key performance ratios and the trends they are showing so that we can help you steer your business and make decisions based on sound financial information;
  • Provide you with costing and pricing advice so that you can remain competitive without putting pressure on your cash flow and profitability

Adding Skipper Lay & Associates to your team will bring a wealth of knowledge to your business.

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