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Accounting software – which one?

Choosing the wrong software can be costly and frustrating.  Skipper Lay & Associates takes the time to understand your hardware set up, your business needs and what you want from a software package.  We can therefore recommend the software package that best suits your needs.

Unlike some, Skipper Lay & Associates does not push one particular software provider.  Instead we listen to you and what you want.  Couple this with our understanding of your business and you will be making an investment in the software most suited to you.

Whether you need software for a simple cash book or need a package to manage debtors, creditors, stock control, financial reporting or job costing, payroll our approach will ensure you do not over invest in software that will under deliver.

But our Information Technology (“IT”) service does not stop there.  We have a dedicated IT Manager and a knowledgeable team all on hand to help you every step of the way with your accounting software.  We will help you:

  • With the initial installation and set-up of your software to get you off to a great start;
  • With training on how to use the software as well as ongoing support for any questions you may have;
  • Assistance with software upgrades; and
  • Assistance with the management of your computer systems.

Contact us today so that we can provide this premium support service to you and your business.

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