Skipperlay & Associates

Our History

Skipper Lay & Associates Limited has a long association with the Papakura district, having been established in 1954 by Jack Farrell. Jack operated as a sole practitioner for a number of years before being joined by Ken Green. Ken and Jack formed a partnership – Farrell Green & Co, and when Graham Skipper entered into the partnership a few years later there was a name change to Farrell Green & Skipper. In 1981 Greg Lay came on board, and in 1999 the business was re-named Skipper Lay & Associates Limited.

The firm now has two directors; Greg Lay and Susan Turton, with Sheelagh McLeay and Sharon Way completing the management team in the position of associate. We have a total of 26 staff members.


Trusted Auckland Accountants & Business Advisors – Skipper Lay


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